on a distant ridgeline

Hailed by Daisy Johnson as “one to watch,” on a distant ridgeline is the second short story collection from acclaimed writer Sam Reese. In these twelve vivid and tenderly drawn tales with moments and memories that linger just out of reach. Between the past and present and potential reconciliations—and with a keen eye on the subtle balance of human connection—relationships and their fractured qualities are central to this new gathering of stories.

Lindsay Hunter describes the collection as “a book of richly detailed place, with characters that are afraid, and searching, and determined, and flawed, and utterly, finally, human, Reese has given us a handful of jewels, flashing bright under a grey sky. I savoured every word.

You can read Steve Whitaker’s review (“an absorbing collection”; “an excursion in the very best, meandering sense”) here.

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